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Our Beginning
Jopeta Sheena Macpherst

1 CC  JW         1983-1993

In 1981 we decided it would be nice to add a westie to our family of two children and two Cairn Terriers. We contacted Mrs Rose (Jopeta) who agreed to let us have a puppy and after a two-year wait Sheena finally joined us. We had to wait that length of time as we had decided that it would be nice to have a puppy to show [ A friend of ours thought that would be a good idea as it would get us out a bit ] We spent the time going to shows to watch and hopefully learn. We took her to Ch Hawesalton Sportsman to be mated and in due course the puppies arrived. Unfortunately all that could go wrong did and only one puppy survived .He had to be bottle fed and taken care of round the clock as mum was to poorly to do it herself. This little fellow battled and fought his way to survival and became Ch Hillsted Sporting Chance JW. Later on Mrs Hawes (Haweswalton) allowed us to have Haweswalton My fair Lady and she is behind our latest champion. The rest is as they say history For those who wonder how our prefix came about it is quite simple really .We wanted a name that was part Danish and part English as I (Kirsten) am Danish and my husband John is English.We live near the top of a hill and the Danish word for place is Sted ,hence the name Hillsted . Simple isnít it

Our Present **  A new Start
Burlmere Sweet Serenade at Hillsted (Stella)

2 CC's,1 Res CC 

25-9-1998  *  23-8-2010


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